After Sale Service

Letter of Commitment of Quality and After-sale Service

Guangzhou Basic Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.provides services of intelligent products including design, development, production, sales and installment. The companywhich subordinates to Guangzhou Xinling Groupis recognized by Guangzhou Government as a high and new technology company.

The companyhas strong capability in research and development, well-developed detection methods, good environment for experiment, scientific conditions for test, well-found training and demonstration base, precision equipment for experiment detection and the production base which has passed ISO9002 quality system authentication. There are several instructors experienced in technical instruction in thedepartment of customer service, able to deal with the installation and debugging under all kinds of conditions before sale, in sale and after sale.

1. Technique support before sale

1). In order to guarantee reliable and accurate measurement in BSH2000 synthesis measuring management system, we provide the most suitable solutions to our clients according to the actualconditions of the program and the needs of the clients.

2). We send technical professionals to the site to do system optimization, ensuring proper and reliable operation of the system in the future.

3). We provide our clients with technicaland engineering documents of products, such as construction scheme, construction plan, system diagram, installation detail, etc.

2. Techniquesupport during the sales

1). We provide our clients with manufacturer certificate of the products, license of measuring instruments, operating manual to the products and shipping documents when sendingthe products.

2). During the installation of equipment, we send our technical professionals to communicate with the professionals at the site, give guidance on installation and quality monitoring, as well as eliminate potentialrisks. Therefore, we can guarantee the quality of the project and the reliability of the system. At the same time, we provide necessary drawings including system plane graphs and distribution details.

3). After the completion of the project, we send our engineers to the site to do the overall debug to all the products and the installation of the management software. They also test the functioning of the whole system in compliance with technical specifications. Written reportsare produced based on the test.

3. After-sale service

Based on the goal of “Clients ’satisfaction leads our success”, Basic provides the following after-sale services.

1. Before running the system, we send technical professionals to the site to provide the users with training of how to usethe billing system(includecharging criteria, software operation, routine maintenance and solutions to failures), user’s guide and maintenance handbook of the system.

2. After tuning the system, we provide the operating personnel from the clients with an 1-2 day operation training regarding to the operation of the software and the routine general maintenance of the system. The training can help the operating personnel independently usesoftware, produce and print statements and reports, and conduct general maintenance towards software and hardware.

3. The warranty period starts after the system receive tuning and is put into operation. Within the warranty period, on a regular basis, our technique support engineers will provide technique support through phone calls, give system checkups at the site and provide training again, in order to make sure the clients can use and maintain the system properly.

4. Product warranty

1. Within the warranty period, if any products have any quality problems or break down without man-made factors, we will provide free maintenance and parts replacement.

2. After the warranty period has expired, we will still follow up regularly and help clients with the maintenance. Parts damages happen either within or after the warranty period will only cost you maintenance fee.

5. Service respond

We will immediately assist the clients with technical support through a phone call after we receive any enquiries. If the problem cannot be solved via phone call or remote control, technical professionals will be sent from Guangzhou(the headquarters) or the provinceswhere there areour offices within 1 hour. If you are in other areas, we will send professionals after we fix the time with clients, will not bemore than 20 hours.

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