About Basic

About Basic

BaiCheng advantage

Our Status in Industry

We have participated in establishment of one national measurement verification regulation and two standards of construction from the Ministry of Construction.

Tan Wensheng, the founder of the company, was hired by “National Committee on Technology Standardization of Urban Heat Supply(SAC/TC455)”, participating in the establishment of national standard “heat meter”.

Manufacturing Facilities
Basic Controls is the only company with 4 sets of verification equipment for heatmeters in South China. The company is appointed by Guangzhou Energy Monitoring Institute to be in charge of the examination of relevant heat meter products and 10 sets of professional manufacturing equipment.

Ability to Innovate
We have 8 national patents, including 4 invention patents,3 utility model patents and 1 patent for appearance design. We also have 12 software products of knowledge. We are applying for another 10 patents and software copyright.

Excellent Performance
Experience in Interconnection

Basic Controls has over 10 years’ experience in application of networked billing system for cooling and heat meter. It also has over 5 years’ experience in application of monitoring system for building energy consumption.

Business Strength
Basic Controls has persisted in independent research and development since 1998. So far the company has its own intellectual property rights and capability of researching, developing and manufacturing all its products and systems. After thousands of projects, our company has become China’s biggest supplier of heat/central air-conditioning measuring system and leading supplier of monitoring and measuring system for building energy consumption.

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